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Common questions about Web Videos and Web Design

Common questions about Email and Text Marketing

Common questions about Pay For Performance SEO

Common questions about Door Hanger Marketing



What are Web Videos?

    Web Videos are one to 2 minute videos that let you dramatically tell your business' story to your visitors. - Back to top

What are the benefits of Web Videos?

    Web Video is a great way to bring in more customers and increase sales. If potential customers visit your website as part of their decision-making process then an online video will encourage them to take action. 21% of viewers make a purchase. - Back to top

What do I get when I purchase a Web Video?

    You'll receive a finished video between one to two minutes on DVD in 3 formats: High-Definition, Standard Definition and low bandwidth for the Internet. We also provide you with a playable DVD for presentations at trade shows, conferences or meetings. As part of our service we will distribute your video through the major video hosting sites: YouTube and. We also embed your video on your website. - Back to top

What is the process for making my web video?

    The process is very straightforward. First, we schedule a time for your shoot. To prepare you we have compiled a list of scenarios to help you get ready. The actual shoot lasts about 60 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the complexity of the video. You won’t need to close your business for the shoot. During the shoot the videographer will interview you, your employees and customers you’ve chosen to appear in your video. After the shoot is completed, the videographer edits the footage, adds music and graphics to produce the finished product! - Back to top

If I already have a website I like, can you just add video?

    Yes. Although each service in the web package is an essential part of the complete local marketing platform, we can just add video for $1900 for most projects. The remaining items in the web package can  also be purchased individually however savings are far greater as a package plus we manage it for you. - Back to top

What does web maintenance/updates mean?

    Website Maintenance or website updates refers to changes made to your website after the initial design has launched. Keeping a website up-to-date is essential in having repeat visitors to your site. Updating articles, adding new products and pages, newsletters, press releases are all examples of website maintenance. We include one hour of scheduled, free maintenance per month. Just send over your list of necessary revisions. That's usually more than enough to cover most minor changes. For major changes that go beyond one hour we will offer flat rates in advance. - Back to top

Who writes the copy/text for each of the pages on my website?

    The process is very straightforward. First, we schedule a time for your shoot. To prepare you we have compiled a list of scenarios to help you get ready. The actual shoot lasts about 60 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the complexity of the video. You won’t need to close your business for the shoot. During the shoot the videographer will interview you, your employees and customers you’ve chosen to appear in your video. After the shoot is completed, the videographer edits the footage, adds music and graphics to produce the finished product! - Back to top

Why are there monthly payments?

    We offer monthly payments to give small businesses a chance to take advantage of our services. Some companies charge $5,000 or more up front for a full managed solution like the one we provide making it nearly impossible for some small businesses to afford. We prefer developing long-lasting relationships with our customers rather than going after the quick buck like other companies that just design a website. After your project launches we continue to help you maintain your website monthly, provide progress reports and analytical data, manage your social media pages and provide free web and email hosting if you need it. We also offer full access and support as long as you're our customer. There are no contracts to sign. You may cancel anytime you like. - Back to top

Do I need to write a script?

    No. Most web videos don’t use a script, but instead use a question-and-answer, interview-style format. You may certainly write a script if you prefer. We'll also assist you with that. - Back to top

Do I have to be on camera?

    No. If you prefer not be on camera you can have a business partner or employee act as your spokesperson. It’s best to choose someone with an outgoing/enthusiastic personality. Another plus is to have an outgoing customer who can give an enthusiastic testimonial. - Back to top

Do I have to close my business for the video shoot?

    No. In fact, shooting during regular business hours allows you to interact with your customers and makes the video look more natural. - Back to top

How long does it take to get my video ready?

    The time from the shoot to a live Web Video is approximately two to three weeks, depending on the length and complexity of the video. - Back to top

Can I make changes to the video?

    Yes. When the video is complete, we will send you a link to review your video. You have three rounds of edits to get everything just right. - Back to top

What if I don't like my website? Do you have money back guarantee?

    If you're not satisfied with your new website, we offer a refund guarantee of up to 100% of the advance paid. Simply stop the process prior to making revision requests. Refund is not allowed beyond the 1st round of revisions. Refunds must be requested within 10 calendar days from date of order. Refund are not applicable on domain registration fees. Refunds must be requested in writing (sale@reachyourtargetmarket.com). Refunds are not applicable on updates and add-ons on existing website. - Back to top

How much input do I have?

    We always welcome your input! The more input we receive from you the better we're able to satisfy your needs and produce a website that will help to grow your business. - Back to top

Do I have to host with you?

    No, unlike other companies we don’t make hosting with us mandatory when you purchase your website in two payments. However, choosing to host with us has huge advantages. You don’t have to worry about any technical aspects of managing your hosting account and the servers, we do it all for you. Plus you'll have a single point contact for all your entire project. - Back to top

How does your Web Design process work?

    Our mission is to build the best and most cost effective website for your business. We will carefully research your business needs and plan a strategy to create the ideal web solution. - Back to top

    Step 1: Initial Consultation
    All our services begin with a free initial consultation to determine your requirements. Our experienced business analysts work closely with you to determine your exact needs and desires, and will complete a detailed design worksheet itemizing all your requirements. This helps us gather information about your company, services, audience, purpose, site goals, and more.   - Back to top

    Step 2: Collecting Your Content
    You will provide us with the text and any other content for your website and any specific pictures you would like. We can provide you with access to thousands of royalty free stock photos. We also offer optional professional copywriting services. - Back to top

    Step 3: Design and Development
    We ask you to provide examples of websites you really like, colors you like, and your competitors’ websites. If you want, you can also have a look at our past work and let us know any website elements you liked and we can incorporate similar options for your website. Once you provide that information to us, usually within 5 working days, you'll get a creative "mockup" of what your website will look like when it's completed. At this stage, you and the designer work closely to develop a look that will be both visually pleasing and user-friendly. - Back to top

    Step 4: Web Development
    After receiving your final approval on the "mockup", we will then begin building the website and web pages, incorporating the design and all of the content that you provide. - Back to top

    Step 5: Pre-launch Evaluation
    After the site is built, you will be able to view all pages to make sure everything is exactly how you want it. You will submit any desired changes to the copy and then give final approval before the site goes live. - Back to top

    Step 6: Launching Your Website
    After final approval your website will be published on your domain, and it will be live for your customers to see!
    - Back to top

After you have designed our website, can we manage it ourselves?

    Absolutely! When we're done constructing your new website, you will have full access to it. If you have any web editing knowledge you will be able to easily make any changes to the or we'll do it for you free as a part of your monthly maintenance. - Back to top

How long does it take to rank on the first page of Google?

    Currently it takes us anywhere from 1 to 4 months to potentially achieve first page rankings in Google. Timeframe varies depending on how competitive your keywords are. - Back to top

Can I see examples of your work?

    Yes, we can provide several examples of other web sites we have optimized. - Back to top

Do we work on Google Local Places?

    We actually work on both your organic seo and local maps/places rankings. In some cases you might be listed on both the places and organically because we are working on both. - Back to top

Are the results permanent?

    First page rankings require continuous maintenance and effort. Your results will remain in place for the life of your service with us. - Back to top

Do you use black hat seo techniques?

    We only use ethical white hat techniques which are much better for long term success. - Back to top

What will I receive with my SEO package?

    You will be on the first page of Google for all the keyword phrases you selected. You will also receive monthly reports with the amount of keywords you are rankings for, traffic reports and analysis of your current marketing. - Back to top

How do you select the best keywords?

    We will advise you on the best keywords for your city and industry. We use several different keyword tools to show us which keyword phrases are getting the most traffic. We will advise you on which keywords will be best, but the ultimate decision will be yours to choose which keywords you want us to get you ranked for. - Back to top

Can I pick my own keywords?

    Yes, you can pick any keywords you want in your city. - Back to top

How many keywords do I need to choose?

    The amount of keywords you select will depend on your budget and the results you want to achieve. We suggest at least 10-20 keywords. - Back to top

How much business am I going to receive when my website is on the first page?

    We can not guarantee how much money you are going to make. - Back to top

How many door hangers will come with my order?

    Each door hanger order includes at least 1,000 full color pieces.  - Back to top

Is there a minimum number of door hangers I have to order?

    Our minimum order is 1,000 full color pieces - Back to top

What size will my door hangers be?

    All of our door hangers are large size 4.25 x 11. - Back to top

What steps do you take to avoid misdeliveries?

    All of our distributors have GPS tracking on them giving you the ability to go online to see exactly where they are and go back into history and see everywhere they’ve been. In addition, our distributors are paid bonuses based on how well your door hanger campaign performs. The better your campaign performs the more they earn. - Back to top

How do you handle complaints if they do occur during the distribution?

    Our in-house distributors follow county-by-county rules and regulations for distributing your door hangers. This guarantees no city or county laws will be broken. - Back to top

Do you outsource delivery?

    We work with a dedicated in-house team for all national deliveries to guarantee the quality of our delivery. We offer our customers real-time live tracking of all the distributors participating in your campaign as our guarantee that your door hangers are being delivered as promised.  - Back to top

Can you work with my in-house design team for door hanger design?

    Yes. We would be happy to work with your designers to develop your door hanger. Just let us know how we can help you. - Back to top

What is text message marketing?

    Text message marketing is sending marketing messages through text messaging. - Back to top

Is this considered SPAM?

    No. Your customers must request to receive your messages and they are free to remove themselves from your list at any time. - Back to top

How do I get people onto my list?

    You’ll ask your customers to text your keyword to a specific phone number. By doing so they’ll be subscribing to your list.  An example would be ‘Text KEYWORD to SHORTCODE to join our VIP list.’ - Back to top

What kinds of returns can I expect from text marketing?

    The success of your campaign will depend on the offer you make to your customer.  You’ll get more subscribers by offering an appealing incentive to join and by advertising your keyword in as many places as possible. - Back to top

Can I use a purchased opt-in prospects list?

    As long as your list is 100% opt-in you will be fine. - Back to top

What do you do to make sure my emails get delivered?

    We manually assess each email we send for your business for content quality, footer links and subject line issues to make sure spam filters don’t eat away your success. - Back to top

Do we have to pay for a new template design for each new email broadcast?

    No. We custom design your email template so that it matches the look and feel of your website making it easy to reuse. - Back to top

Can I see who has clicked a link in my email?

    Yes. Each month you will receive real click-through data detailing how many subscribers clicked links inside your emails.  - Back to top







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